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Beautiful Day

Today was so beautiful. wow.

There is a group of about 7 international students that I’ve been hanging out with here. There are 2 students from Ireland, one from Italy, one from Hungary, one from Finland, and another American (besides myself). Today we went to the nearby city of Ettlingen (with the exception of Tyler, the other American.) The weather was the nicest we’ve had since I’ve arrived. It was about 80 degrees and sunny all day long. Everything is green and fresh, and it is just beautiful. In Ettlingen we walked around the city, saw a couple of churches, hiked up a mountain and ate some ice cream. I really tried to just enjoy the time. The air was so fresh, the sun so warm, and the people so great. It was “einfach schön”. We got back to Karlsruhe about 2:45, then I ran home to change into some shorts and grab some lunch, then I met the group back at the castle. There are botanical gardens behind the castle with grassy fields, and we picked out a nice spot in the shade and sat and talked for a few hours.

One of the things I really like about spending time with this group, and something that I did not expect before I came, is that I get to converse with people from different cultures all over Europe. Before I came, I expected to experience the German culture once again, but the past weeks have really been an experience of European culture. I’ve heard Germans say that they consider themselves to be more European citizens than German citizens, so maybe the two experiences are one in the same… Of course I have to do my fair share of talking about America too. The war in Iraq came up again today of course. I have yet to meet a European that likes George Bush. He always has to carry the full responsibility of the war here, which I find interesting. Shouldn’t all Americans be responsible for what our country does?

Oh yeah, I’m not really sore from the party. I could feel it in my legs though while hiking up the mountain…