Defining Terms

Old Computers and Verbindungen

Yesterday in my History of Computing class we had a guest speaker who is the head curator at the Computer History Museum in California. It was very interesting, I thought. Maybe I’ll have to make it out to California someday to visit the museum. He said I could get a back-room tour if I mentioned that I had spoken with him. Sw33333t.

Then I went to see the movie “Rabbit-Proof Fence” last night. It’s an Australian film about some half-aborigine children that were taken from their home to be raised correctly in the English way. They ran away and walked 1800 km back home. It was a really good movie. I wonder if it was even released in America.

Tonight I went with a bunch of guys from my house to another Verbindung, because they stole our flag. It was a nice evening where I met some new people and had some interesting conversation. I’m glad I went.

Tomorrow (well, technically later today) I’m leaving for Munich at 8:00am. It seems there is an exhibit of preserved human bodies and body parts, most of them cut open so you can view the organs and other parts inside of them. Should be very interesting.