Defining Terms

Hot Hot Hot

It’s hot. I don’t really mind much during the day, as it’s only been up around 90 to 95, but it stinks at night. I hate trying to get to sleep when it’s warm. The best is when it’s really cold in my room, but I can get under my thick blankets and be warm. I fall asleep in record time. But when you’re actually sweating as you’re laying in bed. Icky-poo.

Monday was the German bank holiday of Pentecost. Businesses were closed, and of course we had no class. A lot of the federal holidays here are Christian ones. Why do we have so few church holidays in America that are federal holidays? Christmas. Any others? Is Good Friday a federal holiday? We don’t get it off at Calvin. What does it say for our nation when we have Memorial Day and Veterans Day, but no Ascension Day or Pentecost? Probably not too much good, from a Christian point of view. On the other hand our law-makers do tout separation of church and state pretty proudly, and I am fine with not having Muslim or Hindu federal holidays. Maybe it’s technically better (more fair?) that we’re more neutral in this respect, but I think it would still be nice if we weren’t.