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CS Nostalgia

A few days ago I finally got a couple of old Counter-Strike demos working from last spring. There was a 2 on 2 tournament that I played in with Luke. We usually forgot to record demos, but one of the matches I have is on de_train against Admin (Mantis and AI, who organized and hosted the tournament). For the longest time I couldn’t get the demos to play, and I recently found out that I needed an old version of de_train, which I got with an old demo of X3. So I had the pleasure of watching us play, and win. : ) Here are the screenshots of each half: 1st Half 2nd Half. That tournament was a lot of fun. If I remember correctly, Luke and I won every match except for the one against Zeddi (obviously). Of course we did a lame camp-out thing against one of the teams to win the match by one. : ) It’s interesting to see how we each played back then. Ah, the good old days when we thought we were good.

Watching those old demos and thinking about that tournament made me think of the development of the Wild West, what it has turned into, and what the CS scene at Calvin will look like in the future. As the Wild West, we have hosted clan matches, 3 tournaments, 3 movie nights, over 10,000 forum posts and uncountable rounds on the public server. For me, these are all signs that the Wild West has served the Counter-Strike community well, and I am glad that we could do so. The community is still vibrant, and we have lots of room to do bigger and better things. But now Luke and I aren’t going to be on campus anymore. We’re getting to the point where we would like to have more regular events, and we’d like to use Calvin facilities for them. We’ve had bad experiences in the past with getting Calvin to work with us on this, so some in the community suggested applying for official Calvin club status. Hopefully this would give us the privileges we would like, such as bandwidth for a server and rooms for tournaments and watching matches. However, this would take a lot of work. I’m not opposed to doing said work, and I have definitely put in a lot of it in the past for the Wild West. I’m afraid of two things though.

The first is that our goals are not those of a Calvin club. I’m afraid that we will shape the things we do around the things expected of us by Calvin administration, instead of staying true to the community and what the players want to do. I could already see this becoming a problem when I wrote a preliminary charter. Calvin clubs are supposed to be educational, and further Calvin’s vision of reformed Christian education. Unfortunately, Counter-Strike doesn’t have much to do with these things, and they are not the goals of the CS community at Calvin. It is tempting to try to fit ourselves into this mold, but I think it is important that we are true to ourselves.

The second fear I have is that the whole Calvin club idea is not something people are willing to be dedicated to and put work into. I don’t want to work on it for a year, and have the club vanish at the end of the year when I graduate. On the one hand, it would be good to have the privileges we want even for one year, but on the other hand I would like to see the club continue for years if I’m going to put work into it.

I think I will have to do some more thinking and talking with some other students before I can decide if it will be worth pursuing the club or not.