Defining Terms


The Barbecue was a big success, in my opinion. I was somewhat worried about the weather being overcast and on the cold side in the morning, but just before people started showing up the clouds went away and it warmed up nicely. The only problem of the day was that the food didn’t all finish at the same time. The grill wasn’t big enough to grill everything at once, so things kind of came after eachother. I didn’t really think that was so tragic though. That’s one of the things I like about barbecues. You just sit around for hours and things come off the grill periodically to be eaten, and you grab something to eat once in a while. And in between you can enjoy the warmth and good company. We certainly did this on Sunday, because we went from 2:30 until almost 11:00pm. All of the food was certainly good. Brigitte made these really great looking (and great tasting) American flag cakes where blueberries, raspberries and whipped cream made the stars and stripes. I also made up some pretty good cornbread. MMmmm. It was all definitely worth the time and effort.