Defining Terms


So I’m going to take an exam. Yes, one. Okay, so that seems pretty weak, but it’s not completely my fault. Well, maybe it is. I should have started earlier on the whole find-out-if-calvin-will-let-me-transfer-my-credits stuff. Because I just found out a couple of weeks ago that I won’t find out until I pass the class, and bring back the transcript and syllabus. Of course they don’t have syllabi or transcripts here, so I’ll have to improvise on those. But anyway, by the time I decided to just pick a couple of classes and take the exams for them, it was too late to get appointments with the head of the department, who has to give me oral exams. Fortunately, I did get a time slot for one exam, which is on Monday morning. So I’m going to be grilled for a half hour, in German, over mobile communications, by one of the more prestigious German professors in the field. No sweat, baby.

So now my job for the next 4 days is to study. Study study study study. I’ve been going at this one class for the last week, and I’ve almost gone through the material once. Over 450 PowerPoint slides. Mostly memorization. No sweat, baby.

So I’m a little stressed about it.