Defining Terms


I PASSED MY TEST!!!!! Woooohoooo!!! I’m excited. :) I was so nervous about the thing. I even surprised myself at how stressed out I was getting, especially since the credit probably won’t even transfer. :( Oh well. I did well, and that makes me happy. I don’t think I could have survived multiple tests with the short preperation time I had, though I might have been able to pass them. It really wasn’t all that bad. Based on the lectures and PowerPoint slides I had guessed that there would have been a lot more details and lists of facts in the exam, but mostly I just got asked how things work. Which is of course more reasonable, and much easier to answer. It was even surprising how quickly the time went. It was a half hour, one on one exam with the prof, and we really didn’t even cover half of the topics from the class. Of course I did try to make my answers as long as possible to stretch out the time. :)

Now I’m in the final stage of my stay. I can start thinking about going home. Until now, I hadn’t let myself think about taking care of things here to move back, because I needed to concentrate on my exam, but now I’m free to do that. All I need to do in the next week is wrap up loose ends here and get ready to be in America again. The time right before a move either to or from Germany is always a big time of reflection for me, so I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot of thinking about my time here and the future.