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Site Is Back

When I lost my webspace at the University of Karlsruhe sometime in the middle of September, I didn’t have any webspace with Perl support, so I didn’t have a place to put my site. I recently got a new host, and now I can have the site again. And the peasants rejoiced.

I think I have it all set up correctly, with improvements to the picture section to make it easier to navigate. Unfortunately this introduced a very strange Internet Explorer bug that causes the navigation links at the bottom of the pages to jump around when you hover over them. Why this happens is a mystery to me, and I haven’t found a workaround yet. Just use Gecko based browser (like Mozilla or Firebird) and you won’t have a problem.

Also, with this new space, I have the ability to put AIMPages back up, so maybe I’ll continue work on that. With the CAL season finished, I only have schoolwork to keep me busy now, so I need a project with which to avoid homework. We’ll see if I get around to picking AIMPages back up.