Defining Terms

Motor City

Regan and I went to Detroit yesterday. Despite being very cold, the roads were clear, so the drive was pleasant enough. Once we got there, we ate lunch at this fresh little diner near the campus of Wayne State University. Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling sick lately, so I didn’t have the appetite to eat all of the food I’d ordered. It was good though.

Then we went to the Detroit Institute of Arts and saw… you guessed it… art! We checked out an installation by Yoko Ono called “Freight Train”, murals by Diego Rivera, a painting by Artemisia Gentileschi, and other works of African, Islamic, American and European art. It was cool. However, as time progressed, I started feeling sicker and my legs started hurting. So, once we left the museum, we got something to drink, and just drove back to Grand Rapids. We had planned on getting some Arab food in Dearborn, but I just wasn’t up to it. Even though I was sick, I really did enjoy the trip.