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We Want Information

While checking out the schedule of the University of Michigan’s radio station, WCBN, I stumbled upon Free Speech Radio News. I’m always interested in alternative news sources to the standard fare of American media, and FSRN piqued my interest. Fortunately, you can download each show in mp3 format, so I gave today’s a listen. It was very interesting, and seemed to be some solid investigative reporting on such under-the-radar topics such as Carlos Mesa’s current positions and Luis Jodel Champlain’s trial.

They also have a regular feature where Mumia Abu Jamal speaks about some issue of justice or human rights. Which led me to search for an explanation of what happened to him. And of course, to the requisite rebuttal. I’m not sure what I think of the case, but it is highly charged by politics and race, which will blur the facts and issues in any case. If Mumia is innocent, this is pretty scary. If not, then bless the justice system for having the ability to examine a questionable case for over twenty years in the search for the truth.