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Waves in the Harbor

As most everyone in the world probably knows, an earthquake and its aftershocks created a series of Tsunamis that devastated a number of Asian and African countries. The death toll is estimated at 150,000, and the number of people displaced by the destruction is staggering.

To get a feel for what it was (and is) really like, you can download a number of home made videos. I am also hosting two videos that I found on a blog in .dat (DVD) format. I’ve converted them to XviD, so you’ll need the codec to watch them.

Video 1 (1.8 MB)      Video 2 (3.13 MB)

Once you see the severity of the event, you understand why the need for help is so dire. Governments around the world have already pledged funds to aid the relief work, but we can do more than that. Google has set up a page the lists some of the organizations accepting private donations for the relief effort. Many of them can be done quickly and simply over the Internet with a credit card. In the face of this kind of tragedy, I think we can have no other reaction than to do what we can to help.