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I'm a Convert

I used to use Movable Type. Back in the spring of 2003 when I started using it, MT was very cool. But then, about a year later, the authors changed their licensing. This kept me from being able to upgrade the software. For a long time that wasn’t a big deal. No one cared enough to crack my site, and it did what I needed it to. However, the rise of comment spam meant that my site started to get lots of unwanted comments, and MT 2.6 simply wasn’t designed to deal with it. Recently it’s been really bad. This is a screenshot from earlier today:

Over 3000 pieces of comment spam

Of the 3119 comments on the site, less than 50 of them were legitimate. And that’s just from the last few weeks.

In addition to getting so many comments, the Movable Type interface for deleting the spam was atrocious. It required four clicks for each piece of spam. When I was cleaning them up regularly, it was taking me 15-20 minutes a day to get rid of them. Something had to be done.

I’ve been following WordPress for quite some time now, and when started up last summer, it was running WordPress from the beginning. It’s a great piece of Open Source software, and has a few features to fight comment spam. These include ways of preventing the spam from getting through in the first place, and a better interface for deleting it if it does. Clearly, WordPress would be much better for me than MT was. The thing that was holding me back was my theme. I had spent a lot of time creating the theme for my site, and it can’t easily be transfered to WordPress. Also, I was getting a bit tired of the ugly green design, and wanted to do a complete overhaul of it. Eventually though, the comment spam was getting so bad that I decided to just switch, grab an already made theme, and save the redesign for later. So, this is the result.

Unfortunately, some things are broken for the time being. My pictures are not available, permalinks don’t work yet, and images either. Hopefully I’ll be inspired to get a new theme done and get everything working pretty soon. If not, enjoy this cute look for now.