Fox eats Bird

The newest version of the Mozilla standalone browser was released today. The browser was formerly known as Firebird, but due to a naming conflict with a certain relational database server it has been renamed Firefox. Along with the new name comes a new logo that I think is pretty cool. Unfortunately, the Firefox window still does not display the correct icon in some operating systems (Windows 98 for one) so you have to add the icon manually. The problem here is that the installation does not come with an icon file, it is only embedded in the executable. So, I extracted the icon from the executable, and it’s available here.

In order to use this icon, you first need to go to the “chrome” subdirectory of your Firefox installation (likely C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\chrome). Create an icons subdirectory in your chrome directory. Then create a default subdirectory of the icons directory. Now you should have the directory Mozilla Firefox\chrome\icons\default.

Put the icon in this directory and rename it to main-window.ico. If you would like to use the same icon for the Bookmark Manager window, make a copy of the icon and name it bookmark-window.ico. Then restart Firefox and you’re done.