Penguicon Reading List

Many of the Penguicon panelists referenced extra reading materials over the weekend. I wrote many of them down, and I hope to read what I can. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find enough time to read these days, but I hope to get better at that.

Here’s the list, broken down by the panel or presentation where they were mentioned:

Life Extension: Good News, Bad News, Weird News - Christine Peterson

Constructed Languages - Matt Arnold, Ron Hale-Evans, Catherine Devlin

The Future of Spyware - Bruce Schneier and Charles Stross

Posthuman, A Lousy Marketing Concept - Christine Peterson, Jason Ahlquist, Karl Schroeder, Ron Hale-Evans

Design Better Airport Security with OSS Methods - Christine Peterson and Bruce Schneier

Limited Female Roles in Fantasy, Comics, & Sci Fi - Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi, The Ferrett, M. Keaton

Technology As Legislation - Karl Schroeder, Charles Stross